Breathe New Life Into Your Convertible Top!

Hello Everyone!

We have expanded our range of car care products to now include cleaners and waterproofers for every car interior, whether a soft top or not.

Our range now includes everything you need:

Canvas Roof Care, Cleaning & Waterproofing

Soft Top Reviver – Re-colours and re-conditions

Fabric Soft Top Cleaner – Cleans and renews

Ultra Proofer – Waterproofs your canvas soft top

Car Leather Care

Leather Reviver – Car seat cleaner – re-colours black leather upholstery

Leather Ultra Proofer – Cleans & waterproofs leather upholstery

Car Interior Care

Interior Ultra Proofer – Cleans & proofs interior wood & plastic

Interior Carpet Care

Carpet Reviver – Cleans & re-colours black carpets

Carpet Ultra Proofer – Cleans & waterproofs car carpets

Vinyl Roof Cleaning & Waterproofing

Vinyl Soft Top Cleaner – Cleans and renews

Vinyl Ultra Proofer – Waterproofs your vinyl soft top

And with our Plastic Window Polish, we’ve got your car covered.

Before you consider a soft top repair or replacement, try our car care products.

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